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The first shall be last and the last shall be first
Many Are Called... Few Are Chosen


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Rest in Peace Uncle L Ricks Thank You for being A Producer of The Chosen Few Bros and Sistas You been down some Long Roads turns some quick Corners down a Few Alleys but you never forgot all the births in your Family You gave my Father Fatman permission to Join and also let be a Leader also starting the VV chapter Rip Retired as President so I send my Heart to all aka Hotshot Stay Up Turn up live life to the fullest. Lucky sends his Respect to all mess from Fatman King to King all the Queens in Heaven are Beautiful just bring the Gin I"ll be at the Gate for you much Love and Peace 760 980_9984 still. In AV Ca
Annette Bazile  
Apple . Valley , CA - USA -   Thursday,  November 12, 2015 -  ( 17:44:40  EST )
Heads up to the "Few", if you know your history then you know that the Give None Take None patch moto created by 69 Jim..He's not doing too good stay true to the game and give him his flowers while he's still here..That's my dad and I grew up with the Few as my family..69 put a lot of time into the club grew up with the Few as my family..69 put a lot of time into the club..give him a short shot out he deserves it..stay proud and don't lose what the elders have fought sooo long to put in
Morgan City , la - USA -   Monday,  Febuary 13, 2014 -  ( 19:3:34  EST )
I miss the Chosen Few Greatly, freinds and family, Im wife of Greg Pompey one of your members, it been a long time, i found your site and had to give shout out all , my prayers n thoughts to all love Mrs. Estella Pompy
Mrs.Estella Pompey  
Cottage Grove , or - USA -   Tuesday,  August 23, 2014 -  ( 22:35:32  EST )

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