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Chosen Few Guest Book

Was riding in the States and met up with a couple members on my travels awesome men, I was broken down trying to take my Husbands remains to South Carolina where he wanted them spread, He himself was a1% here in Canada and honestly I was shocked when I expressed to his club about me making the 3 day journey on my own on his Dyna they let me drive Tophatter distance alone. Thanks so much and god bless Chosen Ones you never left the lady stranded nor did you make me feel alone on that journey, God bless MADDOGS wife Andrea from Canada
Andrea Harris ru4memen@gmail.com  
Gowganda , ON - Canada -   Saturday,  June 24, 2016 -  ( 21:0:42  EST )
Loner...I was approached by a CF Brother yesterday because of the shifter marks on my boot (active duty US Cavalry). He recommended I look up Chosen Few. You Brothers stay hard, safe, and in the wind. n.0
Fred Naught bpirate69@live.com  
Phenix City , AL - USA -   Saturday,  June 24, 2016 -  ( 9:41:33  EST )

SYCKK MC syckkmc@gmail.com  
Houston , TX - USA -   Thursday,  June 15, 2016 -  ( 6:24:7  EST )
I was honored today to meet one of your president at the Waffle House in Shreveport Louisiana.
Nora Williams norarae63@gmail.com  
Haughton , LA - United States -   Saturday,  May 6, 2016 -  ( 18:54:35  EST )
Love you big smurf till I see you again my brother rico southbay
Rico Ricofew@yahoo.com   
>I'm sure you know already but just in case you don't, in the Black Biker movie "Darktown Strutters" at the end when there is a large fight between the KKK and the bikers, you can see your Chosen Few patch worn by several people. I believe the move was shot in Tennessee in 1975. here is a link to a site about the movie. www.imdb.com/tt0072844
Drifter drifter13rmc@gmail.com  
Richmond , VA - United States -   Saturday,  Febuary 25, 2016 -  ( 22:10:29  EST )
Rest In Peace Fast Eddie.......Dog Pasadena Chapter .....Retired
Dog bwhitecpd@yahoo.com  
Pasadena , Ca - USA -   Saturday,  Febuary 25, 2016 -  ( 9:40:15  EST )
I'm trying to get history from a choosen few biker gang on my dad he has the choosen few tattoo his name is Jerry kolhoff
Angel kolhoff Angelkolhoff15@gmail.com  
Southaven , MI. - USA -   Tuesday,  Febuary 14, 2016 -  ( 17:2:27  EST )
papajohn markeejs9390@gmail.com  
dago , ca - USA -   Sunday,  Febuary 12, 2016 -  ( 8:50:19  EST )
I was wondering if anyone knew whatever happened to one of your ex members, Walter Martin. I hear that he started his own club somewhere out there in the Oklahoma area. His ex-wife and his son Al, live a few towns over from me--but, they're not talking much. Some kind of rift of sorts I guess. Not that important, but, figured I'd ask. I'm 75 and self taught on the computer, so, I don't know what URL means. Was in the Army with Walter. Got out in '81. Thanks.
clarence floyd cfloyd720@hotmail.com  
lunenburg , ma - USA -   Saturday,  January 28, 2016 -  ( 16:45:12  EST )
Aloha, I met Cool Breeze and Chongo last year in Redding while on my bucket ride. I was told you had a Hawaii chapter. Been keeping my eye open but haven't seen a patch ? Please give my aloha to Cool and Chongo they may remember the old man on the blue old school chopper. (P.S. if locals want can contact me)
Michael Daniels motorcyclemichael808@gmail.com  
Wahiawa , Hawaii - United States -   Sunday,  November 27, 2016 -  ( 13:46:24  EST )
Thank you for remembering my father Jimmy J in your memorial. He loved The Chosen Few with all of his heart. The Club was a huge part of my upbringing, along with my uncles Slowpoke and Willie B. I will remember you guys forever.
Jennifer-Rose Johnson Jenniferrosenyc@gmail.com  
New York , NY - USA -   Sunday,  November 20, 2016 -  ( 20:4:38  EST )
I rode with the Victorville chapter of the Few back in the mid 1970s. I was known as "Shitty Smitty". "Fatman" was the president and "Charlie was the V.P. at that time. I remember Travis Black and Leaky Louie that ran Sunshine Enterprises Motorcycle Salvage. And Sarge with his trike. Good memories. I remember the 1st Annual Bell Mountain Drag Races.
Nick Smith ninwnc@gmail.com  
Forest City , NC - USA -   Friday,  August 19, 2016 -  ( 0:24:29  EST )
Happy fathers day to all chosen few dads. RIP my dad. (PAPA JOE). Love you all. Desiree & family.
Desiree Hernandez Desiree@ gmail.com  
Azusa , Ca - USA -   Sunday,  June 19, 2016 -  ( 1:12:58  EST )
Hey Brothers, We are back on our feet. Contact me so we can link each other and catch up. Few Forever
Peter Chosen Few MC 3636mc@gmail.com  
Buffalo , NY - USA -   Tuesday,  May 17, 2016 -  ( 20:22:52  EST )
I Am the fifth person from the left next to Frank Adkins on the old photo in the case at the mother chapter.I believe me and Frank are the only originals still alive.My riding bro was Slide 1.RIP I will never forget the father Lionel RIP and Roger Rip Chosen Few Forever
LiL Bobby OO G Blangstonsrb@Gmail.Com  
Oklahoma City , Ok - USA -   Friday,  April 22, 2016 -  ( 14:16:29  EST )
Hello, I have been thinking of the few for many years, as I have met some of you in my travels, I have been on a bike most of my life and have been blessed to ride with a lot of good people and clubs, I came to Las Vegas and became an Old Bastard and road for a few years with them but even though they are some good people really it was not me and the place I wanted to be, so I have looked for the people where I fit with who I am... and I would very much like to be one of the ChosenFew..... a little about me, I am a white boy, I was born in Hawthorne Calif, I grew up in Compton with the Watts Riets and the things of that time. I am not races in fact I am probably more black than I am white.. No matter I have been around the block and back, I can do the talk, but I would rather do the walk... I would like to meet with you and be blessed to be a Prospect and become a brother of my like minded Brothers... I will hope to hear from you and be blessed with a meeting... you may if you wish call me at 1801-599-1152 text me or email me... With anticapation I will look for your replie... Much love and respect......... Rooster
Richard Jaeggi... I am called the Rooster jaeggi.richard@yandex.com  
Las Vegas , NV - USA -   Wednesday,  April 13, 2016 -  ( 16:44:5  EST )
what up bros tel cool b & demean i said see u soon
jbandit offo outcast mc facebook offo castmc  
- USA -   Tuesday,  April 12, 2016 -  ( 8:42:37  EST )
what up bros tel cool b & demean i said see u soon
jbandit offo outcast mc facebook offo castmc  
- USA -   Tuesday,  April 12, 2016 -  ( 8:42:34  EST )
Big Shoutout to all my CF Brothers. Stay UP!
LA , CA - USA -   Wednesday,  March 23, 2016 -  ( 23:5:55  EST )
Looking to get in touch with some active members here in Utah. ML&R
Dupriess dupriess1@gmail.com  
Syracuse , UT - USA -   Monday,  Febuary 29 , 2016 -  ( 19:40:19  EST )
I would like everyone to have fun and remember it's not just a hobby it's a way of life my brothers. R.I.P. "papa bear" frank opromollo... you will always be missed much love & Respect
Capone allenmschaffer@gmail.com  
San Antonio , Tx - USA -   Sunday,  Febuary 28, 2016 -  ( 3:41:12  EST )
see you on the road ride free
SYCKK NoWon W. Houston riderockets@gmail.com  
Houston , Texas - USA -   Tuesday,  Febuary 23, 2016 -  ( 5:25:59  EST )
>Many THANKS to Chosen Few member Shareef Asadiq for all his help in my Coast to Coast Iron Butt Association ride. And for helping me,at the age of 80, to become the oldest person to ever make that IBA ride. A great representative of The Chosen Few, a great Motorcycle Club.
Del Lonnquist DelLonnquist@Gmail.com  
Helena , MT - USA -   Tuesday,  November 17, 2015 -  ( 13:55:45  EST )
Rest in Peace Uncle L Ricks Thank You for being A Producer of The Chosen Few Bros and Sistas You been down some Long Roads turns some quick Corners down a Few Alleys but you never forgot all the births in your Family You gave my Father Fatman permission to Join and also let be a Leader also starting the VV chapter Rip Retired as President so I send my Heart to all aka Hotshot Stay Up Turn up live life to the fullest. Lucky sends his Respect to all mess from Fatman King to King all the Queens in Heaven are Beautiful just bring the Gin I"ll be at the Gate for you much Love and Peace 760 980_9984 still. In AV Ca
Annette Bazile annettebazile58@gmail.com  
Apple . Valley , CA - USA -   Thursday,  November 12, 2015 -  ( 17:44:40  EST )
Well again I shall attempt to see of any brothers from the L.A club is reading this my father was Virgil his closes brothers from the few was chuck an dangerous john I would love to get in touch with y'all my email is posted so please anybody with close ties to the chosen few mc la in the early 80s feel free to reach out look forward to hearing from someone soon again Ty an for those who know the history please get in contact
J Billywoowoo886@gmail.com  
NYC , Ny - USA -   Wednesday,  November 11, 2015 -  ( 13:36:46  EST )
R.i.p to father my condolence to the cf mc I really would like some information on my father who passed away in the 80s like 84 they called him Nate I'm interested on a lot of aspects of the mc as well if someone can get back to me that would be great much love to all of y'all an respect
Jay Billywoowoo886@gmail.com  
Ny - USA -   Sunday,  October 25, 2015 -  ( 14:38:38  EST )
Thinking about father thank you luv ricofew
Ricofew Ricofew@yahoo.com  
- USA -   Sunday,  October 25, 2015 -  ( 4:30:29  EST )
Thinking about father thank you luv ricofew
Ricofew Ricofew@yahoo.com  
- USA -   Sunday,  October 25, 2015 -  ( 4:29:56  EST )
This is Dog...Retired Pasadena Few. I just want to thank the Club for showing out to Slow ED's Funeral . I also want to thank the Road Capitan.... He allowed me to ride in the front of the pack. I did not get his name but he was riding a Hog with ape hangers and it said something about Pueto Rico on his license frame. He had a California Rocker on his colors. He did exactly what a Road captain is suppose to do....Ride aggressively ...BUT SAFELY ..He got the pack to the destination without anyone getting hurt. Thanks again for the ride FEW....Look at my picture on Few History...Camera Mans Picture...I am the one with the 45 in my back pocket and bushy hair.... Savedra
Michael Seledon Savedra savedra.michael@yahoo.com   
Mesa , AZ - USA -   Sunday,  June 22, 2014 -  ( 12:52:2  EST )
hi my grandpa was jack the ripper from san bernardino r.i.p i have alot of original pics from the clubhouse even his colors miss him sooo much
crystal kingston kingstoncrystal@yahoo.com  
29 palms , us - USA -   Sunday,  April 15, 2014 -  ( 13:46:16  EST )
Heads up to the "Few", if you know your history then you know that the Give None Take None patch moto created by 69 Jim..He's not doing too good stay true to the game and give him his flowers while he's still here..That's my dad and I grew up with the Few as my family..69 put a lot of time into the club grew up with the Few as my family..69 put a lot of time into the club..give him a short shot out he deserves it..stay proud and don't lose what the elders have fought sooo long to put in
Henry safetyhenry1@yahoo.com  
Morgan City , la - USA -   Monday,  Febuary 13, 2014 -  ( 19:3:34  EST )
I miss the Chosen Few Greatly, freinds and family, Im wife of Greg Pompey one of your members, it been a long time, i found your site and had to give shout out all , my prayers n thoughts to all love Mrs. Estella Pompy
Mrs.Estella Pompey epompey4@hotmail.com  
Cottage Grove , or - USA -   Tuesday,  August 23, 2014 -  ( 22:35:32  EST )

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